Com FORT ahbul. Comfortable. Yes, Com FORT ahbul. – Oh, How Uncomfortable!

There is one reason that I think it is so much easier to learn to speak Spanish than English; Spanish is a nearly perfect phonetic language.  You can look at almost any word and know how to pronounce it.  English on the other hand, while it has its rules it feels more like throwing a dart in the dark and hoping it lands somewhere within the vicinity of the pronunciation target.  I feel for my students when they have a hard time with pronunciation; they are amazingly patient with themselves and thankfully, with me too.

Here’s how an exchange went during class the other day with one of my students, a very sweet woman:

ME: How can you describe the shirt?

(Students were practicing adjective order while describing clothes.)


(If “comfortable” were a Spanish word, then it would be pronounced just as the student had pronounced it, with “fort” being stressed.)

ME: COMF turble.

(Correcting her pronunciation.)

SWEET STUDENT: Yes, com FORT ahbul.

(Answering the question she thought I asked to confirm what she had said.)

ME: Please repeat, “COMF turble.”


ME: Everyone repeat please, “COMF turble.”

STUDENTS: com/comf/comft tur/tare/ter ahbul/ahble /ahbel

THINKING TO MYSELF: You know what?  Who cares if the stupid shirt is “COMF turah bul” or “com FORT ahbul” or even, “Comf tUR tahbul.”  We shall for ever more avoid that awful adjective and for that matter, “umcomfortable” gets the ax too.


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  1. Susan Eisenberg

    Hi Rachel, Thanks for the updates on your experiences. I enjoy reading them. It sounds like teaching is going well and that you are enjoying Barcelona. Is it going to be as impossible to find employment as you thought? Good luck with that. Everyone here is fine. I am seeing Jacob as much as I can. He’s such a cute little guy.

    Take good care of yourself. Love, Aunt Susan

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