One Fine Day

One Fine Day – August 14, 2012

Day 2 of taking care of Isaac while Faye and David were in town for work and staying at the swanky Trump Hotel.  Mom was booked for the day, though, so Isaac and I were on our own.

Isaac and I exited The Trump at approximately 8:30 a.m. with Millennium Park as our destination.  Google Maps says the trip should take about 8 minutes on foot; it took Isaac and me closer to 48 minutes – but for all the right reasons.  As one of Chicago’s biggest fans, I had the greatest time seeing it through Isaac’s 19-month old eyes.  We set out south on Wabash and stopped at the corner of Lake St. to watch the El trains come and go overhead.  We probably lingered at that corner longer than necessary, but I’ll admit I was just too curious about the movie being filmed there, although the action didn’t seem to faze Isaac.  An extra told me it was a big Bollywood action film called Dhoom 3 (somehow I must have missed the first two).

With Wabash being closed for the next block for the movie shoot, we headed east on Lake and came to a screeching halt when Isaac spotted two giant cranes, a mountain of dirt, some kind of tractor (you’d have to check with Isaac on the specifics) and a truck to haul the stuff away (there’s probably a technical name for that one too).  I think we could have called it a successful day right there, but we kept going, making our way south on Michigan Ave. and crossing over to Millennium Park at Randolph.

Besides being beautiful and unique, today I came to appreciate Millennium Park for a whole new reason – its modern design being wheelchair (stroller, in our case) accessible.

  • As a side note, on the way over to the park I was excited to find an Einstein Bros. as bagels are almost non-existent in Barcelona.  At the one place that I know sells them they’re are at least 5 times the price of one here.  A kind passerby held the door open for us but as soon as I saw two stairs and a second door at the top I immediately aborted that mission.

At Millennium Park we zoomed up the ramps and over to The Bean.  Isaac loved exploring the new territory and playing “Where’s Isaac?” in The Bean’s mirrored surface.  His favorite part though was hands down the spotlight coming out of the sidewalk.

From there I pushed the stroller towards the Great Lawn while Isaac walked and held onto my right index finger.  Isaac took it in stride when we found the lawn roped off and instead happily swung the rope around and then continued towards the Pritzker Pavilion to sit like a big boy while we listened to a drummer rehearse.

When 10:00 approached we made our way towards the Family Fun Festival at Chase Promenade North and for the next 45 minutes we shook our sillies out, sang about going to the zoo tomorrow, did all the gestures to Wheels on the Bus, oinked and mooed and performed many more kids’ (and Aunt Rachel’s) favorites.  Throughout the singing we wandered around the tent to stack foam dominoes, attempt to hoola hoop, toss bean bags and play with special bubbles that didn’t pop on impact.  This really must be one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets as it’s an amazing offering every single day, all summer long and completely free.

After lunch and naptime at the home base, we were met by Saba (Hebrew for grandpa) and headed to the pool.  Isaac loves to wear floaties on his arms, hold on to a noodle, splash, splash, splash, kick, kick, kick and jump from the side again and again and again.

Afterwards, while getting ready to leave to meet Aunt/Cousin Jamie and Cousin Jacob for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, Mommy (Faye) came in and surprised us.  Growing up close in age to our cousin Jamie, it was fun to get to see Isaac and Jacob do the same at less than 7-months apart.  There is so much to see at Rainforest Cafe with all the fish tanks and animatronic jungle animals and a constant sound of rushing rain that captivated Isaac and Jacob.  However, Isaac was not a fan of the every 22-minute booming thunderstorms, and frankly, I was right there with him.

After Jamie and Jacob left for home and Faye went back to work I could tell Isaac wanted something else and when I asked him if he wanted ice cream he said, “Ice cream, ice cream,” again and again.  We hopped into the self-serve fro yo place at State and Illinois and I served and paid for a dollop of the vanilla-chocolate twist for Isaac before I created my masterpiece of Red Velvet, peanut butter and a drop of chocolate topped with mochi and cheesecake bits.  Isaac confidently worked the elongated plastic pink spoon dipping it repeatedly into the oversized deep bowl and let his bib, bearing a front pocket, do its job.  When it was reduced to “frozen yogurt soup” Isaac lifted the bowl to his lips and finished it off bringing smiles to anyone who was looking.  The frozen yogurt was a very special American treat that I have been looking forward to for a long time.  Barcelona has frozen yogurt, but it’s just literally “frozen yogurt” as they only have the original flavor and personally, if I wanted that I’d just stick a thing of yogurt in my freezer and call it a day.

Dessert was followed by bath time, which is always a special time.  I do my best to shield Isaac’s face when pouring the water on his head to wash the shampoo away, but he doesn’t really mind, and in that moment when he blinks up at me, I can really see my sister’s face in his.

We topped the night off by reading the awesome book, “Max the Minnow;” I say “awesome” because I love the way that Isaac repeats “minnow, minnow, minnow” over and over and over, and the giant, floating googly eyes are pretty cool too and Isaac likes to try to see them on both sides of the page.

Before settling into bed, we made sure to look out the giant windows and say “night night” to the buses, the taxis, the boats, the cars, the people out running, the tourists and the birdies too.

“One Fine Day” doesn’t do this justice; it really was “One Perfect Day.”


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