Best. Birthday. Ever.

ImageDear Faye and David,

Thank you for the greatest birthday ever.  Two years ago I had a great one in Atlanta with Jonathan and Lori and Arnie and Kara when I got to spend time with them before shipping off to Spain.  Last year was a great one in London when I spent the day with Isaac and mom at Hyde Park watching the Olympic games on the jumbo screens and later went to dinner at a Thai restaurant with both of you and Isaac and mom and dad.

But this year’s had an extra special start . . . after you went to the hospital yesterday but this morning let me know that things were still moving along, I felt so badly that the new baby didn’t want to just come as an early birthday present but instead wanted to stay nice and cozy til the actual day.  So as Isaac and I headed out the door to the zoo, he told Pam (your receptionist downstairs), “No baby yet.”


So we went to the zoo – one of my favorite places to hang with Isaac and we took off towards a part I hadn’t gotten to yet.  As we said hello to some animal I had never even heard of before, the giraffes caught our eyes and we were on our way there when I looked at the cell phone and saw the text you sent, “It’s a” I let out a gasp of excitement so loud that everyone around turned to stare – but . . . I couldn’t see the rest of the text!  So I called you, David, and you let us know that Baby Girl Trumbell was born 50 minutes earlier.  I was so relieved and overjoyed to hear that you, Faye, and the baby were doing well.  I was so excited that I kept sharing the news every chance I got – with the man sweeping under the bench that Isaac and I were sitting on, with the lady who sold us the monkey mask that Isaac picked out and with the giraffes who we went to see after hanging up the phone.


While I was giddy and buzzing with excitement, Isaac was pretty mellow about the whole situation, taking it all in stride.  We stopped to see the penguins and then to Isaac’s favorite thing in the zoo, the kid-sized red, mechanical London bus that Isaac loves to ride without inserting the 1 pound to make it go.  As Isaac took turns being the driver and then, as three different kids came by, moved to the passenger seat without me even having to convince him to do so – I saw the great big brother that he’s been groomed to become. 


On the way out we stopped in the store to pick something out for our new baby girl.  Isaac and I agreed that the perfect option was a super-soft giraffe stuffed animal wearing a London Zoo t-shirt – after all, when we found out that Baby Girl Trumbell had come into the world we were at the zoo, on our way to see the giraffes.

On the way home, Isaac double fisted his peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and right before nap time was so excited to see Daddy had stopped home.  We looked at photos and found out that the baby is Sonia Ruth.  I love our very meaningful tradition of naming babies after relatives who have passed away.  So now Sonia, who was our great grandmother, has her memory alive again and Grandma Ruth, who has never been far from our thoughts, is very present again.  Faye, your friend Melissa emailed me and said that Sonia Ruth means, “wise friend,” – everything I would hope that Sonia will be.

After nap time Isaac and I got to come by the hospital for a visit.  I was beaming as I laid eyes on little Sonia and was so happy to get to hold the perfect, tiny, bundle.  I have never held a day-old baby, this was amazing – at 7 pounds, 11 ounces she felt light as a feather and cute as can be and perfectly precious.  it was already hard to imagine how she had only been in our lives a couple of hours.

It was so sweet as Isaac held his baby sister Sonia for the first time and showered her with kisses over and over and over.  He read a story to her, as he knows “Honk Honk, Beep Beep” by heart.


So Faye and David, thank you for the best birthday present EVER!

You really outdid yourselves this year – I mean I thought the pedicure and haircut were already fantastic and very generous – and then you go and give me a beautiful little niece!  Too much!  But I’ll accept and look forward to sharing many, many, many more birthday memories with my fellow birthday girl Sonia.


Aunt Rachel



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  1. Susan Eisenberg

    Rachel. Thank you, thank you for your recounting of what happened. I feel like I was there. How thrilling and I can’t wait to meet the newest member of the family. I’m excited that I will be seeing Issac and Sonia very soon. Much love, Aunt Susan


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