One of Those Days


One of those little girls running towards me gave me this note at our last class. It says, “I like being your student. I’ve learned a lot of things from you!! I like to be with you and I love you a lot. Happy Easter! Happy!!!”

I love days when life feels like a dream you hope never ends.

Biking and walking around Barcelona today, the weather couldn’t be more perfect, letting me sit outside for lunch.  Went to the gym and my workout clothes didn’t feel quite as tight as they have been.

And the best part was later on as I was approaching my student’s building, she was standing outside with her mom and sister chatting with a school friend of hers (who I also teach) along with that girl’s mother and brother. Once they spotted me, my two 8-year old students came running towards me, arms wide open for me to swoop them up in hugs.

What a greeting!

What a day!


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  1. Love your posts. You seem so happy.

  2. One of my favorite entries of yours. I love this! 😘 Your student is lucky to have you.

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